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What you Should Know About Exam Misconduct

John was due to write his first semester exams on Wednesday. He cringed at the thought of having to spend his entire nights and days in class reading for his papers. He had his “music career” to build and he wasn’t going to let anything come in the way of his success.

It had not occurred to him that proper education would pave his way for success. John decided to engage someone to impersonate him, since he didn’t have the patience to burn the midnight candle.

Examination malpractice is seen to be any deliberate act of wrong doing, contrary to the rules of examinations, designed to give an individual(s) an unfair advantage or to place other candidates at a disadvantage.

Malpractice therefore introduces inequality into an examination system. In some examinations, the level of malpractice is so high that it totally undermines the credibility of the examination system. Malpractice can take many forms for example, question or answer leakage, impersonation, smuggling of foreign materials, external assistance, collusion, copying, ghost (special or miracle) centers, intimidation, markers cheating etc.

The consequences of examination malpractice both to education and the society are catastrophic. It has a tendency to become an addiction for those who practice it, so much so that they can spend thousands making arrangements, arrangements to help them beat the system.

Implications of Exam malpractice include, the production of half-baked graduates, who know little or nothing about what they studied.  Usually, “certificated illiterates” would be the appropriate term. Brilliant students will lose confidence in self and in the examination system when their colleagues perform better through cheating.

Examination malpractice may lure desperate students into other areas of misconducts such as prostitution, or theft, to fund external assistance or pay for scores.

Examiners, invigilators, and supervisors contribute to exam malpractice when they ignore, disregard or contravene the rules and conventions guiding the conduct of examinations.  As emphasized in the points above, the consequences are disastrous to both education system and the society. John made the wrong decision, and he would pay dearly for it, if he hasn’t already.




Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

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