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Brain Teasers

  1. Which four-letter word, when placed in the brackets, will complete a word on the left and start another word on the right? RAM (****) RIDGE   
  2. My watch was correct at noon, after which it started to lose 17 minutes per hour until six hours ago it stopped completely. It now shows the time as 2.52 p.m. What time is it now?
  3. What word meaning DEDUCE becomes a word meaning PROPEL when a letter is removed?
  4. Which is the odd one out?  cymbal, marimba, vibraphone, trombone, glockenspiel
  5. 1, 50, 6, 45, 11, 40, 16, 35, 21,? Which numbers should replace the question mark?
  6. On taking delivery of a consignment of eggs the market stall owner was furious to find that several were cracked. In fact, on counting them up in order to assess the damage he found that 72 were cracked, which was 12 percent of the total consignment. How many eggs in total were in the consignment?  
  7. Arrange the words below into alphabetical order: acescence, acetamide, acerbated, acetified, acellular, acescency, acetabula, acerbates.     

Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

2 Comment(s)

Igbinidu-uwuigbe ETINOSA | 3 years ago

eye opener. Thanks a lot

aaron | 3 years ago

Number 5's answer is 30

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