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Showing Respect

Four Ways To Show Respect

Show gratitude.

When somebody has done something for you, no matter how little, it is always very important to show gratitude to the person. It’s also important to remember all the people who have helped you on your journey. Tell them how much you appreciate what they did for you. You can send thank you mails or texts to your lecturers, your parents, your classmates, your colleagues, your neighbors, your friends, your sponsors, or guardians and everyone who has contributed in one way or the other in your life. They in turn will feel appreciated.

Compliment the achievement of others.

Always remember to genuinely celebrate somebody when he has achieved a feat. Draw attention to his ability and sincerely congratulate him on that achievement. Who knows? Maybe he had worked so hard before he got to that level, or he had suffered so many failures and endured till he achieved results. Learn to recognize when people put in efforts to achieve something and praise them for it.

Be honest

While it’s important to appreciate people and praise those who have merited it, it’s important to be honest about it. People don’t usually appreciate fake gestures. Even something as simple as “it’s always nice to see you”, or “it’s good seeing you again” said honestly can go a long way in brighten up someone’s day

Do what you said you will do.

If you make a promise to someone, or you commit to an event, or make plans with someone, try to come through to your end of the deal.  Being reliable shows respect for people's time, and shows that you're making a special effort to be there for them. Respect other people's efforts by being on time, being prepared, and being enthusiastic.

Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

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