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Doing Things Right

Learn from John's experience...

Sunday had just completed his first year in the University of Lagos. He heard about an application for a scholarship, and quickly applied for it, as his parents were not buoyant enough to pay his tuition throughout his stay in school. He was lucky. He made the shortlist, passed the screening and was awarded the scholarship. However, his best friend John was not so lucky because he was very careless. He didn’t read the instructions properly before applying, therefore he ran into complications and was disqualified.

When John found out about Sunday’s application, he became very envious. This made him less confident in his ability to do well at any other endeavor.  He therefore vowed that given another chance, he would make the shortlist and pass the scholarship screening at any cost.

At the next opportunity, (by then John was in 2OO level), John ensured he met all the eligibility/requirements before applying.  When the results were out and he saw that he was successful, he hired an impersonator who would impersonate him during the scholarship screening. John was very positive this action would guarantee him a spot in the scheme.

He was very wrong. His impersonator was caught during the biometrics and both culprits were exposed. John was arrested alongside his partner and locked up in jail.  Now John had a very long time to explain to the police, and to the court why he didn’t take his examination himself.

It was better to have done the right thing, while he had the chance, even if it didn’t yield expected results. 

Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

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Eze frank | 3 years ago

wow this educating.

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