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Preparing For a Scholarship Exam

As is the usual norm, after scholarship application comes selection of candidates who have been successfully shortlisted for the next phase of the scholarship screening – the scholarship aptitude test. It is the wish of every applicant to make this shortlist.

Soon, successful candidates for Agbami and Chevron/JV scholarships will be contacted and sent invites for the tests. You will find these tips helpful to build enough confidence to get through preparation and get you ready to sit for the test.

TIP 1:  Build your Cognitive Skills and Reasoning Abilities.

Most scholarship examinations and tests are prepared in such a way that your academic and cognitive skills are tested through numerical, verbal and abstract reasoning tests. This are commonly called Aptitude tests. So, it is advisable that you develop these skills with continuous practice. To practice for your test, visit www.mytestpractice.com. It is time-based, gives you the same experience similar to an actual exam situation and questions are given within a time frame. This process if carried out as many times as possible prepares you adequately for the scholarship examinations.

Tip 2: Research on General Knowledge.

Scholarship exams might include general knowledge but may not be limited to current affairs. The aim is to test if the scholars are up-to-date with other areas or fields of study and sectors of the society or country you are in. For this reason, you should work hard to do more research, be versatile and improve on your general knowledge.


Tip 3: Be optimistic.

Due to low self-esteem and negativity, many students are reluctant to apply for scholarships because they believe scholarships are for the geniuses among them. Some may feel they don’t have what it takes to be awarded a scholarship. They ask questions like “how am I even sure that I will be shortlisted in the first place, before we even begin to talk about being awarded the scholarship?” It is advised that you keep a positive mindset as this will help you prepare with right frame of mind for the scholarship application and eventually, exam in case you get shortlisted.

However, you must know that there are certain criteria involved in the shortlisting process. Therefore if you don’t get shortlisted, do not give up. The moment you spot another opportunity, please try again.





Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

5 Comment(s)

Tochukwu Okoronkwo | 3 years ago

This is just great. I hope to be shortlisted for the Agbami Scholarship

ossyfrank | 3 years ago

Thanks a lot, for the encouragement and Advice...

PAPA | 3 years ago

when will mobil shortlist winners? since december,

Minister Obonukut | 3 years ago

Please I need info on PhD scholarship

Chuka | 3 years ago

Thanks for writing this encouraging post. Not only will i be shortlisted, at the end i will be awarded Agbami scholarship, because the Lord God Almighty is with me. Amen.

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