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Why Students Are Often Not Shortlisted for Scholarships


Common mistakes made when applying for scholarship

  1. Applying when not eligible: Scholarship schemes are targeted at a specific class of students or audience (200 level students, Medical students, graduates of specified courses etc). Your application is bound to be denied if you do not belong to the desirable audience. Ensure you meet the scholarship requirements before applying. 
  2. Providing inaccurate or inconsistent information on the application form: Ensure you fill in your information accurately. Even the smallest detail counts, if you were admitted in 2012, enter 2012 not 2013.
  3.  Not providing complete documentation: Some scholarship schemes specify required documents to be uploaded, ensure you have all listed documents available and upload appropriately.
  4. Submitting multiple applications: Create one account and apply using that account only. Applications from a single candidate using multiple accounts will surely be detected.
  5. Uploading pictures as passport: Upload an appropriate passport photograph not a picture.
  6. Applying to the wrong scheme: For scholarship schemes with multiple scholarship categories i.e Host-community based Scheme (e.g Nigerian Agip Oil Company scholarship scheme) and Merit-based scheme applications (eg Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals scholarship) simultaneously open from the same sponsor, ensure you apply to the scheme you are eligible to appropriately.
  7. Using a computer centre operator/friends to complete your application: You know yourself better than anyone else, do not hire a computer centre operator or engage your friends to apply on your behalf.
  8. It is highly competitive: Thousands of candidates apply for scholarship schemes regularly. This means a good chance that you are not selected even after meeting all the requirements exists. To enhance your chance of selection, ensure your avoid these common mistakes 

If you are still yet to apply for the Agbami Medical and Engineering Professionals Scholarship Award /2016 or the Chevron Nigerian Limited JV Scholarship Awards / 2016/2017

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Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

20 Comment(s)

Lucky | 3 years ago

If, for instance, I were giving admission in November 2015 but school opened for the 1st semester in february 2016. What is my year of admission? If I found out that I gave the wrong year of admission after applying for the scholarship, can i rectify it? If I can, then how? Thanks for your anticipated answer.

Idris Mustapha | 3 years ago

Nice tips scholarstica, The only thing that may possibly disqualify anyone is the first observation i.e Applying when not eligible. A brilliant student with an averagely good CGPA, also in 200LV may be disqualified just because He/She choice of course isn't eligible. The choice of course may be related to some of the eligible courses e.g Nursing for Medical field, Surveying and Geoinformatic, Quantity surveying etc. You see scholastic, Most of us don't have a choice but to just apply hoping we may be considered. As you may testified, They are very few scholarship that covers all courses apart from indigenous scholarships. Thanks for your great work.

chris | 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for this information no wonder!!... please how do 1 unapply for a scholarship haven know that he/she was not suppose to apply for both... how do one correct that mistake??

onyinanya, kingsley | 3 years ago

Thanks for the info.... But i have a question " i did nt fill in my bank sort code before applying agbami, it have any effect ? Bt i have sent an email for correction and am yet to receive a reply." "2nd question as a fresher that has no result for nw wat is my "CGPA" ?."

Excel... | 3 years ago

Thanks scholastica, this info was helpful...

Deborah | 3 years ago

Can I Apply For Agbami Scholarship Without my School ID Card?

Loveday | 3 years ago

Can one who does not have birth certificate upload a sworn affidavit of age declaration in its stead?

Scholastica Admin | 3 years ago

LUCKY the year you were offered admission is your year of admission and your academic session is 2015/2016. However, if you make a mistake in an attempt to fill in that information, kindly send a mail to scholastica@dragnet-solutions.com stating your request.

Scholastica Admin | 3 years ago

Idris kindly note that as much as the scholarship boards will want to help students financially, there are specific courses they wish to give scholarship award to for different reasons. Kindly read our post on 'Why Organizations Offer Scholarships to Specific Courses' for your information. http://scholastica.com.ng/post.php?blogid=65

Scholastica Admin | 3 years ago

CHRIS kindly send a mail to scholastica@dragnet-solutions.com to request for the cancellation of one application, stating the application you wish to retain

Scholastica Admin | 3 years ago

DEBORAH if you don't have a school ID card you can apply, but only if you have a school library card or any school document that bears a clear photograph of you and other relevant information

Eze frank. | 3 years ago

Wow ! thanks for this eye opener Mr admin, I have already applied for agbami scholarship and I have my form, but there is bothering me, the scanned copy of my original birth certificate is not as clear as that of the photocopy I don't know if I should delete the original and upload the photocopy, if yes, who do I notify to state my correction so that it will be effected.... thanks.

Ifeanyichukwu Ofoma | 3 years ago

Pls, what should we upload for the admission letter, should it be JAMB Admission Letter or the University's Admission Letter?

samson | 3 years ago

pls at the place of entrying our short code I definitely used another code different from my real code. And better still are they actually requesting for our ATM code or we can just put any code as I did.

yiga | 3 years ago

thanks sholastica for this info. after graduation those scholastica still retains our data in their data base?

justice daniel | 3 years ago

pls sir i am a first year student in unn. when i applied i did not fill in for my G.P.A because we are still in our first semester and we have no result yet. hope no problem with that?

Covenant | 3 years ago

I tried uploading my bank details and it says it's invalid, Account number to be precised, what can I do

SEUN | 3 years ago

What are the criteria being used to shortlist...i have applied several times...im not shortlisted

Anntia | 3 years ago

pls I made a mistake of writing current GP that is not my own because of the person that directed me.which I have just been admitted an I have not taken exams yet.please how can I correct this mistake which I have submitted my application already. thanks.

Marcel | 3 years ago

Good day sir, Please sir, I have a friend that wants to apply for the ongoing scholarship scheme but there is a little problem we just noticed. She is applying for the scholarship under the department of Medicine and Surgery but some of her documents has Medical Rehabilitation as her course of study. The reason is because she just changed from Medical Rehabilitation to Medicine, so she is now in 200L medicine. And then secondly she gained admission in 2013/2014 academic session but had to go back to start 100L again in 2014/2015 academic session because she failed one course and a new policy came up that year that any who fails a course in the department must go back and repeat. Now she has cleared things up and by God's grace was able to change course from medical rehabilitation to medicine and surgery. Presently she is in 200L medicine and surgery in unn. Please sir, does this in any way affect her qualification for the scholarship and what do you advice us to do to remedy it. Thank you and God bless you.

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