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Scholarship Vs Grant

Scholarship Vs. Grant

When looking into funding your post-secondary education you will inevitably come across both grants and scholarships. While both target the same objective i.e. money received is to subsidies cost of education. There is a school of thought that believes differences exist between the two.

Even though both are offered to students as a way of defraying some of the significant costs incurred as part of a secondary education.

Scholarships are:

Typically awarded based on merit, with minimum GPA requirements and being a top student will generally lead to scholarships being received.

Additional factors and criteria that reflect the values or purpose of the organization or individual giving the scholarship may be included in the scholarship design.

Occasionally applicants may have to write an essay as part of their application. Scholarships are mostly objective and are guided by the set criteria, the emphasis is on it being scholarly.

Grants are:

More often award is based on financial need. Students who are often unable to meet their school financial obligations are usually eligible for grants to ensure they can complete it.

Some grants come with additional criteria based on the organization or individual giving them and are usually subjective and are subject to discretion.

The Process

Applying for grants and scholarships can be a very time consuming process and as such it is important that you review carefully the requirements and the actual terms of the financial aid. If one grant is for #50,000 and only issued to one recipient while another is for #50,000 and issued to twenty recipients you should clearly focus on the latter.

There are a lot of scholarship management boards or organizations in Nigeria, but in order not to be scammed, one must be careful to apply for authentic scholarships through the recommended, registered and legal platforms like Scholastica.ng available to them. Any student seeking financial aid should leverage our platform, scholastica.ng as it can save you time, and often have you applying for many different grants and scholarships with just a one-time registration.

If you want to know more about scholarships and grants in Nigeria, view and download the Scholastica scholarship compendium.

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Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 2 years ago

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chibuzor | 2 years ago

Thanks for the clarity

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