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Five Lessons from Leicester City FC

By now, you all will have heard of the news that Leicester City Football Club have won the English Premier League Cup for the Current Season. Beautiful story, isn’t it? However what can one learn from this? Before we delve into the lesson, let us have a little background knowledge of the team.

Leicester City Football Club, also known as the Foxes, are an English professional football club based in Leicester at the King Power Stadium. They play in the Premier League, having been promoted as champions of the Football League Championship in 2013–14, signaling a return to the top flight of English football after a decade away.

According to attendance stats for the 2013–14 football season, Leicester were rated as having the 3rd best home support, and 4th best away support in the whole of the Football League, before being promoted to the Premier League. Since 2010, the biggest away following was at an FA Cup match against Nottingham Forest at the City Ground in 2012. 8,000 travelling Foxes fans went to the match, with the score line finishing 0–0. Mostly all of Leicester’s home and away Premier League matches also sell out on a regular basis. Since City moved to their new stadium in 2002 following the exit of Filbert Street, average home gates have never dropped below 20,000, even when they were relegated to League 1 in 2008 for the first time in the club’s history.

Bookmakers at the beginning of the season said they odds of them winning the league was 5000-1. Virtually impossible. Now the lessons:


1. Do not Listen to the ‘Experts’

In every field of endeavor, there are self-acclaimed experts, people who love to spew facts, figures and statistics, to show you that something cannot be done. Do not listen to them, do your own research, find out your own figures, make your own mistakes, and if there is even a slim chance you can do it, then go ahead and put in your best. This ‘experts’ are mostly prophets of doom, do not listen to them. They were the same experts that said the chances for Leicester were 5000-1.

2. Never Underestimate Anyone

Jamie Vardy was Leicester City’s star player all season. He was bought from Fleetwood, his former club. Before turning professional, Vardy combined playing non-League football with a job as technician making medical splints. He literally came from the bottom, to becoming the Writers Association Footballer of the Year 2016. So never underestimate anyone, even yourself, just keep working.


3. Be Fearless

Many people would have been successful, if they were less fearful. Fear is normal, but working through it and despite it, is what separates winners. In every match of the season, even against the big names like Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal or even Liverpool, Leicester City remained fearless and today they are getting the rewards. So stay fearless and study and work hard, and you are halfway there.


4. Dreams Do Come True

Claudio Raineri, Leicester City’s coach dreamed of winning the League with his underdog team. Today, Leicester’s story is regarded as the ‘fairy tale win’. Do you have dreams, big ones that seem like fairy tales? Well it is time to start believing they can come true, so put your back in to it. Work and work, till those dreams come true.


5. Hard Work

Despite all the points, listed above, one common theme throughout the Leicester City campaign is hard work. So you can have everything but you have to be willing to put in hard work to get to the top. The club battled all season, match after match, game after game. Win or lose, injury or not, they kept pushing and that is all that is required of every student today.

 Source:  http://nigerianuniversityscholarships.com/

Posted by Scholastica Admin / Posted 3 years ago

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